Fission Cycles

Most of us probably have a bike setting in the back of the shed. Year after year, this prized possession barely sees the light of day. Like most, we bought the bike with nostalgia for days gone by and wanted to get back into riding. Then the first ride reminded you that hills were a lot easier to climb when you were 12 and riding all day just makes you ache the next day. With all nostalgia gone, the depths of the shed claim the bike never to be seen again. 

This is a pretty common story that we hear from many would-be bike enthusiasts. Becoming an avid acoustic bike rider takes a lot of time and commitment. This high entry bar prevents many from getting back into cycling. So, where do electric bikes fit into all of this? They make riding enjoyable and obtainable again. Electric bikes allow riders a wide range of flexibility at any age. Just as carriages became cars, bike technology has continued to advance. This blog will discuss some of the best perks of owning an e-bike. 

Perk #1: Good for all Ages

Two Men Ride EBikes through Forest TrailAdulthood can be summed up in a few words, very busy. Jobs, deadlines, responsibilities, and a slew of other things take away from our time to do the things we love. Electric bikes make getting into biking easier by cutting down training time and lowering the point of entry to make riding more accessible. This means that you can get back into biking at any age or any time. As long as you have a few free hours or a free weekend, you can make plans to go on cycling adventures with no worries about being fatigued. 

Perk #2: Weight Loss

Smiling couple rides ebikes through downtown cityWeight loss probably does not come to mind when you hear “electric powered’, but it is true. Lots of people buy acoustic bikes with good weight loss intentions. Unfortunately, just like new years resolutions and gym memberships, those intentions go out the window. Being a cyclist takes a lot of hard work and training. Those hills are no joke when you are just starting out. So, the simple truth is that electric bike owners are more likely to ride and enjoy the health benefits because it is easier and more fun to ride electric bikes. Yes, it is true that you will have a more intense workout on an acoustic bike, but if you don’t ride at all, you will get none of the benefits. 

Electric bikes give you the best of both worlds. When you want to crank out a high cardio workout, turning off the assist makes your bike completely acoustic. When the hill is steeper than you anticipated the extra assistance is like a breath of fresh air.

Perk #3: Cut Back on Costs

Have you seen the gas prices! Owning and maintaining a car can be very expensive. The Federal Highway Administration has reported that fewer and fewer young people are getting their driver’s licenses. Instead, they are looking for other modes of transportation. Subways, buses, and taxis are all efficient, however, they fail to give passengers flexibility. Electric bikes are as flexible as a rubber band. You decide what stops to make, and you can even take the scenic route when it suits you. 

Commuting to work on your e-bike will save you money on gas, insurance, vehicle payments, and public transportation. You no longer need to worry about catching a bus, being late for the subway, or being stuck in rush hour traffic. Your e-bike will get there much quicker!